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Gifting joy to those in need

FH gift donation
Staff and students from Hollenbeck Middle held a holiday drive to purchase, wrap and donate gifts to 20 students in-need. (Source: Facebook)

In an endeavor to spread joy during the 2020 holiday season, students and staff from Hollenbeck Middle in the Francis Howell School District teamed up with local community members to donate gifts to 20 in-need students.

“Our students love to donate and help other families out,” Marcelo Menchaca, counselor, said. “And we have a wonderful counselor, Sandra Davenport, who spearheads the operation. She is the true Saint Nick, and the rest of the guidance office, along with our ESC, are the elves. As long as we have families in need, we will continue this Hollenbeck tradition.”

Also in the Francis Howell School District, Castlio Elementary’s student council led a fundraiser for Toys for Tots and ended up amassing $2,000 worth of donations.

“We are so proud of this accomplishment and grateful for our Castlio family making this event a success,” Brittany Swaringim, teacher, said.

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