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Letter to the Editor: Regarding county police chief elections

As a former California resident, I watch with revulsion at the abuse of my relatives and former neighbors by their governor who has assumed the role of king. I also am gratified by those county sheriffs in California who recognize their accountability to the voters who elected them and are standing up for the people and against His Majesty’s edicts.

A number of years ago, the voters of St. Charles County opted to replace our elected sheriff with an appointed county police chief. Today, our county executive and our state governor are leading in a very responsible manner, respecting the constitutional rights of our citizens. While we currently have no problems, I see the potential of the same problems which currently plague California. I can remember one of our recent governors who, if in office today, would be marching Missourians down the same path as the residents of California. 

Did we make a bad choice when we caused the chief law enforcement officer of our county to become a political appointee rather than an elected official accountable to the voters?

This needs another look, and possibly a change.

Ken Carroll

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