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Letters to the Editor: Regarding Walter E. Williams

My Mid Rivers Newsmagazine came today (Dec. 15) with the excellent obit for Walter E. Williams. Thank you for giving him such a tribute. I was one of his fans and avid readers.

His wisdom was the example of his long life most of us readers, who did not know him, now find out.

Despite the many critics and negative letters you received about his writings, his style and views of the real issues will be hard to fill. What oversized shoes that poor person will have to fill. 

My most heartfelt condolences to his family and all of us who will sorely miss his point of view.

Mary Jo White Anderson

• • •

I have always enjoyed reading Walter E. Williams articles in the Mid Rivers Newsmagazine and was saddened to read of his passing on Dec. 2, 2020.

I totally agreed with most of his articles and was amazed to read such sensibility at a time when the world is full of turmoil and hypocrisy – especially from the media. 

Sincerely hope you will bring back some of his and Thomas Sowell’s articles.

Walter Williams will be missed by all freedom loving patriots.

LaVerne Williams

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