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Redesigned mapping service offers tools for residents

St. Charles County’s Department of Information Systems has released an improved and redesigned Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping service at maps.sccmo.org. The service enables users to access map-based data about the county.

St. Charles County civic map
St. Charles County Public Web Map (Source: maps.sccmo.org)

The GIS mapping service can be used by the public in a variety of ways:

• The map automatically opens to a county-wide map that has county and municipal boundaries and jurisdictions labeled, allowing for better understanding of the layout and landscape of the community. Municipalities are color-coded and unincorporated areas are beige. Users can zoom in to see roads and other thoroughfares in detail.

• When searching for a home or business property in the area, users can access assessment and parcel data by entering the address of a location.

• Residents can learn more about the county through various selections available under the “Layers List” option. Available data includes voting districts, County Council districts, boundaries for school districts and utility service providers, zoning information, park trails, physical features and topography, and more. Maps with the selected data can be printed by users.

Questions about the mapping service can be directed, via email, to gisservices@sccmo.org.

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