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Approved action plan outlines O’Fallon’s priorities

Beginning in October, the O’Fallon City Council and staff worked with Lyle Sumek Associates to update the city’s strategic planning document.  That included connecting with residents, businesses, and local associations to obtain their input.  As a result of that work, a set of 2021 action items have been identified, with details still to be defined.

At the Dec. 10 council meeting, Resolution 12-10-2020J was approved by a vote of 10-0. The resolution formally adopts the 2021 strategic plan action items, and authorizes the city administrator to implement the plan.

Top priority targets for action in 2021 are:

  • O’Fallon Station: development
  • Industrial/logistics attraction strategy: development
  • Trail master plan – connectivity: direction
  • Business incubator space: report and direction
  • Police department stabilization: direction and city actions (including 360 study completion and actions)
  • Downtown Overlay District: implementation

High priority targets for action in 2021 are:

  • Public-private partnership: definition and direction
  • Sports tourism development: definition and direction
  • Police technology upgrades: direction and funding – body cameras; dash cameras; computer-aided dispatch (CAD); records management
  • Community broadband: assessment and direction
  • Senior recreation facilities and services: assessment and direction
  • Street improvement program: service level and funding
  • Stormwater and creek management policy/plan: development and direction
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