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Letter to the Editor: Regarding Walter E. Williams

Over the past few years, I have paid closer attention to the included Walter E. Williams column each month, as well as the many letters written to the editor about it.

Williams clearly is a divisive figure, as almost every month there is a letter either in support of or against Walter Williams. Interestingly, the October edition had several letters against Williams and now November has several letters in support of Williams. The editors of this publication clearly understand how Williams is received and is possibly even intentionally working to further the back and forth argument about him and his column and sow division in our community.

Ultimately, though, I ask, what is the purpose of Williams’ column in this publication? It is the only opinion-based or biased writing anywhere in the Mid Rivers Newsmagazine.

I, as I believe many others do, read the newsmagazine to learn about local events, businesses, government issues, road work, etc. Why does there need to be an opinion column at all, let alone one so strongly biased and divisive?

I would ask that the column be removed, not because I am against what Williams writes, but because his writings do not fit with this magazine and I believe have no place in it. I would argue the same point if he were writing from the opposite point of view.

Anthony Brauchle

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