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Letters to the Editor: Regarding ‘Count the vote’

You thought you were being “fair and balanced,” but you were not. Saying we should count, audit and verify every vote is ridiculous.

You do not define “audit and verify,” but I presume you are referring to a lengthy process that would take us past the Electoral College deadline. Would you want unlimited and unrestrained “watchers” objecting to every ballot and yelling at the counters? Do you think the counters are all dishonest? Why not have “watchers” harassing IRS clerks or showing up at schools or hospitals to check up on things? People in Provo, Utah, actually tried to invade an emergency room to “prove” there were no COVID-19 patients (there were plenty). Why not audit all the rural counties where Biden got less than 20% of the vote? Maybe there was destruction of ballots, et cetera there.

I suspect you still want Trump in power by “whatever means necessary” as the radical left used to say. You are just as extreme. Think before you write; review before you publish. Your editorial seemed dictated in one take. Your readers deserve better, even from a free newspaper.

Mark Olesnicki

• • •

Bravo Mid Rivers Newsmagazine on your editorial of Nov. 18. In order for our country to heal and end this petty polarization of political ideologies, we must count every vote!

I have seen close races both locally and nationally. Each has one important role: all votes need to be counted. We have laws that secure our elections and keep them safe. Our democracy still works even though voices on the left and on the right have been louder than ever before.

It is the vote of the people who always speak the loudest and they have been heard once again. Every vote cast must be counted. Both the left and the right must accept the results and continue on.

Appreciations should be extended to Mr. Kurt Bahr and the St. Charles County Election Authority for ensuring the people’s right to vote and also ensuring that all votes are counted.

Louis Launer

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