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Letter to the Editor: Praise for Mid Rivers Newsmagazine

Your best publication yet!

In your Nov. 18 Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, you start off with another well done Walter Williams article. You follow that with a letter to the editor expressing gratitude that you are her source of Walter Williams articles and how much she values his writing. Then, you follow up with your editorial on the crazy election just past. This had to be the most sensible break-down of where we are and where we need to go as a country that I have seen to date. But then, you simply hit it out of the park to use some baseball language.

Your Brass Rail Thanksgiving Dinner story was beautiful and how could it not be? What a great story about a local com- pany doing something so simple, yet so meaningful to improve the lives of fellow citizens. And the picture of all those volun- teers lined up in their cars, waiting for the privilege of delivering one of 11,000 meals to folks who could use a good gesture and a good meal. Powerful stuff.

I want to challenge your reporters, advertisers and readers to find other companies in O’Fallon and throughout St. Charles County who are doing special things for our citizens to make their lives just a little better.

I look forward to reading many more stories about good things happening in our community.

Ken Wiseenborn

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