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New concept planned for ‘Dallavalle Tract’ homes

On June 3, developer Bill Luetkenhaus withdrew his original plans for 9.09 acres of land at 724 Spencer Road in St. Peters, known as the “Dallavalle Tract” because of the original owners’ family name. 

He originally proposed building Park Place Townhomes, which would have included 49 units divided amongst eight buildings on a single cul-de-sac. Each unit would have a two-car garage and a two-car driveway. 

The “Dallavalle Tract” in St. Peters

However, residents in the surrounding developments of Carrington Place, Shadow Creek, and Penny Lane had come in large numbers to Planning and Zoning Commission meetings and voiced significant opposition to the town homes.

Those residents then were pleasantly surprised when Luetkenhaus met with them, listened to and discussed their concerns, then withdrew his original plans. He said he would meet with the owners and builders to explore other options for the land. 

On Nov. 20, Luetkenhaus told Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, “I am now moving forward with a new concept plan that will have 29 cottage homes with the same street layout. I only have a grading sketch at this time. We likely will pursue rezoning in early 2021.”

He clarified, “the cottage homes will be two-story detached homes, not villas.”

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