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Letters to the Editor: In support of Walter E. Williams

Every week, I look forward to the Mid River Newsmagazine for one thing, Walter E. Williams. His point of view is refreshing, intelligent and well sourced. 

In a climate of “politically correct” and “race determined opinions,” he finds a way to make us think beyond spoon-fed news.

Please do not get rid of him because others wrangle at his articles. He may be one of the very few true journalists left in our community.

Mary Jo White Anderson

• • •

In your recent issue there are letters to the editor criticizing Walter E. Williams for a lack of balance in his editorials. Since when do editorials on either side have to be balanced? 

If you want the “balance” in opinions just go to the Post-Dispatch and you’ll get the other liberal side. You don’t even need to go to their editorial page since so many of their “news” articles are one-sided.

Keep up the good work, your paper is one of the only places in St. Louis that you can get opinions and news that isn’t so slanted to the left.

Tom Napper

• • •

Thank you for the Walter E. Williams editorials. It is so refreshing to read intelligent and educated opinion from a man of his stature and background, especially in a world of incredible media biased propaganda and censorship of conservative viewpoints. 

As our First Amendment rights are being extinguished, please continue to “let freedom ring” for Walter E. Williams and our country. Thank you!

W.L. Loveless

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