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Letter to the Editor: Regarding Walter Williams

We look forward to the delivery of the Mid Rivers Newsmagazine as it is a very well written and organized publication – with one exception. Couldn’t the first article be at least reasonably balanced regarding political view and honesty?

Walter Williams makes no attempt to balance his viewpoints. He is obviously aligned with the far right wing. Indeed, many of the residents in West County lean right, but his diatribes against the left are far from reasonably presented and often confusing and outright wrong.

As a well educated Black professor, why does he constantly attack Blacks in general as mostly uneducated and undeserving of true equality in our country? His statements that they are deceived by the “intellectually white elites in academia” is hurtful. He has claimed that the majority of Blacks are far from his definition of “poor”. He attacks Blacks who peacefully protest under the banner of BLM (Black Lives Matter) as if, in his opinion, Black lives don’t matter. He then drives to the assumption that it is the result of the evil “leftist” influence.

Once again, in the Oct. 21 edition, he launched his diatribe in the first paragraph with “recent violence, looting and mayhem has it’s roots in academia where ‘leftist’ faculty teach immature young people all manner of nonsense that contradicts commonsense and the principles of liberty.” Later in his article he claims that “the intellectual elite attacking free speech is not new” and that “tyrants everywhere, from the Nazis to the communist, started out supporting free speech rights because speech is important for the realization of ‘leftist’ goals of command and control” and that, once “leftist” groups have gained power, as they have in most of our colleges and universities, free speech becomes a liability; it challenges their ideas and agenda and must be suppressed. In his final sentence, Mr. Williams states that these “campus ‘leftist’ are suppressing these inalienable rights.”

Mr. Williams, you go much too far with your hate. The residents deserve a more truthful and balanced discussion.

John F. Doolittle

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