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Funds approved for O’Fallon wastewater treatment plant expansion

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources previously notified O’Fallon in 2016 that ammonia limits at its wastewater treatment plant must be reduced within a five-year timeframe.

In response to the mandate, the city designed and is currently constructing a wastewater treatment plant expansion project. In addition to plant upgrades, needed improvements to wells 3 and 4 were also cited as part of the project.

To fund the cost of these projects, Mayor Bill Hennessy sponsored Bill No. 7253, authorizing special obligation bonds for a total of $5,195,000. At the City Council meeting on Oct. 22, the bill was approved by a vote of 10-0.

Additionally, Bill No. 7254 authorizes taxable special obligation refunding bonds to refund the special obligation bonds at a cost saving to the city. Those 2012 bonds originally were issued to refund 2001 plant projects.  That bill also was approved Oct. 22 by a vote of 10-0.

An overhead view of the O’Fallon wastewater treatment plant.
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