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Three St. Peters citizens receive Kindness awards

Once each quarter at a Board of Aldermen meeting, the city of St. Peters recognizes citizens who have gone “above and beyond” with kindness in the community. Recipients receive a Random Acts of Kindness Certificate signed by Mayor Len Pagano. 

The Random Acts of Kindness Program was created by the board and mayor, who believe no one is too young or too old to make a difference, and no act of kindness is too small. The purpose of the award is to recognize acts that make St. Peters a great place in which to live and to motivate all citizens to see good happening in their community.

At the Oct. 22 board meeting, Dr. Lynn Vitale and Walter Castulik were presented the award. A third recipient, Jordan Thompson, was not able to attend the meeting; her award was sent via mail.

Left to right: Ward 3 Alderman Melissa Reimer, Maisie Todd, Dr. Lynn Vitale, and Ward 3 Alderman Terri Violet. Todd nominated Vitale for the award. (St. Peters photo)

“I would like to nominate Dr. Lynn Vitale because she has definitely gone above and beyond,” Maisie Todd wrote in her nomination of Vitale. “She took an idea that she came across for a ‘Blessing Box’ and made it happen here in our city.

“The idea is that people that are in a place to give will fill that box with non-perishable items and personal care items so that people that are in need can go by and pick out what they need. She is maintaining the box daily. The box is up and located right outside of Core Chiropractic (on Jungermann Road) and Fritz’s.

“Dr. Lynn is a kind and generous person who cares about people deeply.”

Left to right: Ward 1 Alderman Joyce Townsend, Karen Sullivan, Walter Castulik, and Ward 1 Alderman Rocky Reitmeyer. Sullivan nominated Castulik for the award. (St. Peters photo)

“Since we moved here in 2002, Walter Castulik has been the neighbor always willing to help,” Karen Sullivan wrote in her nomination of Castulik. “When a tree fell down in our back yard he came to help us get it ready for disposal. He then helped another neighbor who had a tree he wanted removed. It was an all-day event.

“He walks his dog through the neighborhood and helps whenever someone needs it. He lends the tools and jumps in to help.

“When my husband was out of town he took me and my sick dog to the emergency vet at 11:00 on a Sunday night. He dog sat when our sitter fell through at the last minute. He sat every day with our neighbor’s husband when he was on hospice.

“His caring, compassion and helpfulness extends throughout our subdivision.”

In regard to Thompson, her nomination read: “Jordan came upon a scene of an accident and pulled over to help. She has no training and helped perform life-saving measures to save a young man involved in a motorcycle vs. auto collision. Jordan applies a tourniquet to the man’s leg to stop the bleeding and stayed on scene applying pressure until EMS crews arrived. She showed courage and performed heroic measures.

“Unfortunately although the young man was doing great, he passed away nine days later due to a blood clot causing a pulmonary embolism.”

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