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O’Fallon Justice Center improvements authorized

At its Oct. 8 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council passed Resolution 10-08-2020E by a vote of 10-0, to authorize Justice Center improvements paid from the Asset Forfeiture Fund for a total of $479,600.

One way the fund is supplied is from the sale of assets seized from drug dealers after successful civil and criminal cases.

The improvements and approximate costs will be:

  • $300,000 to design, build and equip the defensive tactics and de-escalation room and driving simulator room.
  • $27,000 for 120 Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) batons.
  • $140,000 for the driving simulator.
  • $12,600 for 75 binoculars.

The resolution also includes $15,000 from the Justice Center Project Fund (Bond Fund) to repair three Justice Center gates that are not operable at this time.

Justice Center building [City of O’Fallon photo]

The defensive tactics and de-escalation training room was not completed when the Justice Center was built in 2017. The new room’s design includes tiered seating for better viewing during training and a separate room for the driving simulator. Equipment will include defensive tactics mats, flooring and heavy bags.

Included in the resolution are funds for the replacement of existing but outdated batons. A new training course has been developed for police officers using the new ASP Talon Infinity Baton and will be included in the 2021 training schedule.

New binoculars are needed in police vehicles to meet Missouri Police Chiefs Association (MPCA) Certification requirements.

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