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St. Peters to replace failed recycling conveyor system

At its Sept. 24 meeting, the St. Peters Board of Aldermen unanimously approved Bill No. 20-104 to replace a failed conveyor system at its Central Materials Processing Facility (Recycle City).

The city will contract with DeHart Recycling Equipment for as-soon-as-possible fabrication, delivery, installation and startup of the replacement turnkey conveyor system with related equipment. The initial cost is $228,545. Funds have been budgeted in fiscal year 2021 that begins Oct. 1, 2020.

In addition to its own recycling, St. Peters processes recycling material for Cottleville and O’Fallon.  

Asked about the effect the failed system has had on current operations, St. Peters Communications Director Lisa Bedian said, “St. Peters’ and Cottleville’s recycling materials are directly impacted by the equipment problems. Because of the failed equipment, instead of standing on either side of the conveyor system, our recycling sorter workers are now down on the floor where the trash and recycling bags are dumped.

“The workers have to pull out the recycling bags and walk them over to a transfer container, where they are then processed and the recyclables are sorted.  This is very inefficient and takes more time, slowing down the sorting process.”

However, Bedian said, “O’Fallon’s recycled material is not processed on this failed conveyor system.”

Recycle City workers sorting material on conveyor system [St. Peters photo]
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