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Police canine retires, now to live with his handler partner

Retired Talos [O’Fallon TV]

Decorated O’Fallon Police Canine Talos has served the police department and the people of O’Fallon diligently and honorably for the past 7 ½ years.  His specialty was explosives detection. He turned 9 years old in August and is at the end of expected working years for a German Shepherd. 

Known to other officers in the department as “Big T,” Talos has been partnered with police officer Michael Aronson. The two have formed a unique bond and relationship over the years.

At its Sept. 24 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council unanimously approved Resolution 09-24-2020D honoring canine Talos on his retirement from the force and transferring his care and custody to Aronson. Talos will become the Aronson’s family pet.

Following speeches and testimonials, shedding of several tears and passage of the resolution, Mayor Jim Hennessy pronounced Talos retired and now in the care of Aronson. Any potential burglars or troublemakers would be wise to avoid the home where Talos now lives.

Talos sitting the mayor’s chair [O’Fallon TV]
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