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Dames Park creek bank stabilization approved

O’Fallon has approved a creek bank stabilization project for Dames Park, to stop the encroachment of the creek that now threatens city park pavilion infrastructure. The need for the project originated from an 80-foot creek bank failure.

At its Sept. 24 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council unanimously approved Resolution No. 09-24-2020C, authorizing an agreement with DJM Ecological Services with a cost not to exceed $78,821.40. That amount was included in the 2020 city budget. DJM had submitted the lowest qualified bid of seven total bids.

Prior to the vote for passage, council member Katie Gatewood (Ward 5) had asked if this project would resolve the frequent flooding of that creek. City engineer Wade Montgomery clarified that it would not. He said the scope of this project focuses only on creek bank stabilization to protect the pavilion infrastructure; the flooding issue is much larger and complex.

The stabilization project will include, but not be limited to, land clearing, additional compost and topsoil fill, compaction of fill, a revegetation blanket, rock lining, and protection and restoration of the site.  Work is to start within 10 days of written notification and be completed by no later than Dec. 31, 2020.

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