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Healthcare Professionals: Fall 2020

Take command of your health. Being healthy begins with you. While not every illness or injury can be avoided, there are many steps you can take right now to help protect and promote good health.

Step 1. Seek out medical help. Having a team of health care professionals who can help you and advise you is paramount to achieving your goals. Likewise, keeping a close eye on your health, through recommended tests and screenings, is vital at every age. Well visits can play as important a role in your health as seeking medical assistance when you are ill or injured.

Step 2. Understand the connection between good health and good nutrition. There’s a great deal of truth to the old adage: you are what you eat. Consulting with a dietitian or nutritionist to establish a personalized, healthy eating plan is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the best combination of nutrients to fuel your good health.

Step 3. Exercise regularly. Your body was designed to be a machine in motion. Movement helps to aid all body functions from developing strong muscles to keeping your body’s circulatory system working fluidly.

Below is a list of local healthcare resources:

Family Dental Services

Genovese Dental

Logan University Health Centers

The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis

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