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Letter to the Editor: On Trump’s presidency

Left-wing editorialists have spent four years riding Trump up one side and down the other, but there’s an oddity to their writings. Most, if not all of them would praise Abraham Lincoln because they’ve been so taught and indoctrinated since their early childhoods, but look at the administrative comparisons between Lincoln and Trump. Lincoln was elected as the first Whig/Republican and within two years his administration changed America from democratic local government to an highly centralized, all-controlling government (followed by corruption) and Trump has shown his colors by “making America great again” through tariffs and other obvious economic advantages to industry, exactly the same as Lincoln. There’s hardly any difference between them except for time and personalities.   

The oddity and historical contradiction is that if today’s left-wing thinkers, authors and editorialists hate Trump, as they write, they should also admit that Lincoln was wrong for doing much the same things and that the South was right in its then legal attempt to escape it.  Remember that South Carolina’s threat to secede from the Union was predicated on Lincoln’s election, else there would have been no war. 

Bob Arnold

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