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O’Fallon to update comprehensive, strategic plans

The city of O’Fallon’s 10-year comprehensive plan was adopted in 2008 and has been used since to guide growth and development decisions made by the City Council, the Planning & Zoning Commission [P&Z], and other city departments. 

During the past two years, many passionate comments during public hearings as well as at P&Z and city council meetings have illustrated new realities and differing views about the economy, ways of conducting business and land use within the city. All of those have changed significantly since 2008. Accordingly, at its Sept. 10 meeting, the city council agreed to proceed with developing a new comprehensive plan to help guide decision making for the next 10 years.

To accomplish this, a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee was named to work with a consultant team from PGAV Planners, who is to facilitate an eight-month engagement and planning process to develop the new plan.

The committee will consider key issues such as economic development, housing, land use and urban design, parks and recreation, and transportation. Members will attend meetings between September 2020 and June 2021. They are charged with providing their perspective on the current issues in O’Fallon, keeping an open mind to possibilities for the city’s future and serving as ambassadors for the comprehensive plan process in their respective areas.

The 15 committee members appointed at the Sept. 10 council meeting are:

  • P&Z commissioner Doug Howard
  • P&Z commissioner Charlie Nager
  • City council member Deana Smith
  • City council member Tom Herweck
  • City council member Debbie Cook
  • Pam Hobbs, member of the city’s Public Works Advisory Committee
  • Dr. Bernie Dubray (or designee), representing an educational institution
  • Taz Meyer, representing an emergency services district
  • John Young, representing the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce
  • Lou Viviano, representing the Grow in the ‘O’ group/downtown business district
  • Scott Wilox, representing Ward 1
  • Jeff Kaibel, representing Ward 2
  • Steve Koskela, representing Ward 3
  • Jim Schilkoski, representing Ward 4
  • RJ Catizon, representing Ward 5

The city council had approved the comprehensive plan project as part of the city’s 2020 budget and had passed a resolution on Aug. 13 to engage PGAV Planners.

In parallel with the comprehensive plan update, the mayor and city council also want to update the strategic plan to identify priorities and needs of the city for the next five years, with specific action items established for 2021.  To that end, the council passed Resolution 09-10-2020A by a vote of 10-0, to engage Lyle Sumek Associates to update the city’s strategic plan at a cost not to exceed $15,000.   

The last strategic plan adopted by O’Fallon was developed in 2018 with assistance from Lyle Sumek Associates. For continuity’s sake, the council said it made sense to continue working with the same consultant.

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