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O’Fallon releases 2019 condition of streets

In September 2019, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine reported on O’Fallon’s ongoing street and road maintenance and replacement program along with the major funding challenges expected in near-future years. 

On June 2, 2020, O’Fallon voters passed a use tax that could meet those challenges. That’s because funding from the use tax could eventually add up to $3 million annually deposited into the street and road maintenance fund.

In an update presentation to the City Council on July 23, assistant city engineer Tony Friedman described the state of city streets and projected inability of the streets department to achieve the strategic goals outlined in prior years. Friedman explained that those goals are not realistic given the cost versus projected revenue and budgets. He said the department would be working with the council in the next few months to reassess strategic goals, identify and discuss options; then, map out a new, more realistic plan for the future, one that better matches anticipated funding.

Friedman explained the 119-page Pavement Manual that lists every street in O’Fallon, both asphalt and concrete, along with its condition, using a Pavement Condition Index [PCI] ranging from 0 for extremely worst condition possible to 100 for a new roadway. The manual originally was created by using support from St. Charles County and its technology in 2014, then updated by O’Fallon in 2017 and updated again using St. Charles County’s technology in 2019. The 2019 version is posted in the O’Fallon website. It can be found by clicking here.

Overall, the average PCI for all O’Fallon streets is 77. Any PCI 50 or less means the street is in poor or very poor condition. Residents can look in the manual (it is organized by Ward), to find their street and the PCI reflecting its condition. As one would expect, the highest priorities for street repairs, maintenance, or replacement are those with PCI at or under 50. The second highest priority would be for PCI over 50 but less than 75.

An O’Fallon resident can obtain more information about the plans for their specific street by going through the Citizen’s First section under the Services tab of the O’Fallon website, or by calling the streets department at (636) 379-3807 from 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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