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A classical Catholic education

No two students are the same. Each child has their own perspectives, opinions and personalities that deserve to be nourished alongside their academic and critical thinking skills to create a truly well-rounded individual. That’s what staff members at The St. Austin School, an independent private Catholic school in West County, believe. 

Founded in 2011, the school admits students from pre-K to eighth grade and provides active and independent learning. St. Austin maintains an ongoing dedication to smaller class sizes, amazing teachers and the classical curriculum. 

“It is a curriculum we designed with books that nourish the soul and mind,” Headmistress Gerry Dolan said.

Emphasis is placed on logic, critical thinking, literacy, numeracy and more. These are expanded upon in their classical education curriculum, which includes Religious Instruction, English, Literature, Latin, History, Geography, Mathematics and Science. Students utilize the Socratic method of classroom discussion to promote intellectual conversation and enhance their critical thinking skills. As a result, students feel comfortable and confident discussing ideas among classmates in a safe environment. 

“Ultimately, the teachers are trying to teach students how to think, not what to think,” Admissions Director Danielle Morgenthaler said.

The St. Austin School’s test scores are in the top 10% nationwide. The Catholic and Classical culture at The St. Austin School really sets it apart. And in June 2020, the school was named to the Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Honor Roll.

“We want our students to become good citizens and leaders,” Gerry said. “When you take time to help form the student as a person, that lasts a lifetime.”

Enrollment is open for the Fall 2020 semester. Call today to schedule a tour!

 1809 Des Peres Rd. • Town & Country

(314) 580-2802


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