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Letter to the Editor: Regarding Amendment 3

It is really sad that our Missouri legislature saw a need to send a Senate Joint Resolution 38 to the Nov. 3 General Election ballot this year. This is the Clean Missouri amendment that 62% of Missouri voters approved in 2018. There is a thought that we did not really know what we were voting for. That is an insult to our intelligence!

The gerrymandering has to stop. This is back simply because the opponents were not pleased with the outcome of the November 2018 election. It is a waste of time and resources. The guilty parties know who they are.

We need to have publicly funded elections. That is the only way to eliminate the corruption and the purchase of our government. We must return to a government of, for and by the people!

Vote no on Amendment 3. It is intended to be on the November ballot. It could be moved to August.

Ted Kaimann

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