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Letter to the Editor: Young black lives matter

Walter Williams, in the last edition of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, penned an excellent editorial on recent events entitled “Now what”. 

Some white police officers have abused and murdered black Americans for years. These officers often have a history of complaints. Technology has brought these events to the forefront, when in the past, it was simply hidden by false reporting and the blue wall of silence. 

Let’s keep in mind that these officers are in the minority. Most officers are caring individuals who take pride in their work and should be respected for their service – a difficult job with an outcome that will never be satisfactory to everyone.

The larger problem, that is seldom discussed, is young black criminals committing crimes in the inner city. 

In the summer of 2019, 18 children under the age of 16 were killed in the St. Louis area by gunfire. Many times, these kids were just sitting in their homes or socializing when their lives were abruptly ended. Where is the outrage for these crimes? Why are the streets throughout our country not filled with protesters demanding justice? Were their funerals given prime time news coverage by CNN, MSNBC and a host of local stations? 

Indeed, there should be outrage. Through June 18 of this year, over 50 kids have been shot in St. Louis. Politicians barely mention the problem unless it will benefit their campaigns. Big corporations avoid these matters and have a polished public relations department to handle their condolences.

For the Black Lives Matter movement to provide lasting change, parents must parent, neighborhoods must take ownership and action, police departments must be forced to provide fair and equal treatment.

Battles are being waged against offensive flags, statues, syrup and rice labels. Even Disney’s Splash Mountain needs to clean up its act. The victories from these skirmishes will not benefit the inner city child, nor will they stop St. Louis from being one of the most dangerous cities in America.

Robert Black

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