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Independent senior living facility proposed along Tom Ginnever Avenue

Jeffrey E. Smith Investment Co., of Columbia, Missouri, has proposed building an independent senior living facility with 150 residential units on 16.25 undeveloped acres on Tom Ginnever Avenue, east of Meadowland Estates Lane, bounded on the north by T.R. Hughes Boulevard and on the south by Tom Ginnever Avenue. The development would be known as Meadowlands Estates.

At the May 14 O’Fallon City Council meeting, Bill No. 7186 to approve the area plan for this development was given a first reading.  The bill is sponsored by Ward 1 council members Dave Hinman and Deana Smith.

Council member Jeff Kuehn [Ward 4] moved to push the public hearing to the May 28 council meeting, because that meeting will not be via remote participation; the council and citizens will be in the council chamber, subject to social distancing measures and other precautions. The council approved unanimously. A final vote on the bill could take place at that meeting.

This property already is zoned C-2/General Business District PUD/ Planned Unit Development and R-4/Apartment District PUD/Planned Unit Development and is located within an existing Senior Overlay District.  No zoning changes would be needed.

Rendering of single story senior living facility building.
Rendering of three story senior living facility building.

The Senior Community Overlay District standard for this acreage allows up to 390 units. The applicant’s proposed 150 units is within that limit.  A senior development requires the protection of at least 30% open space; of which, at least 40% must be active/passive open space. The proposed development exceeds both percentages.

The Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) has recommended approval with conditions.

The development would have driving entrances from Tom Ginnever Avenue and T.R. Hughes Boulevard, plus a connection to the existing Meadowland Estates Lane.

The area plan includes dividing the property into four separate lots:

  • Lot 1: Ten residential apartment buildings with six units apiece, a total of 60 units. One community building with a mail kiosk.
  • Lot 2: One-story commercial office building with a mail kiosk.
  • Lot 3: Six residential apartment buildings with six units apiece, a total of 36 units. Also, one community building with mail kiosk.
  • Lot 4: One residential apartment building with three stories containing 54 units and a mail kiosk.

The applicant has requested two code exceptions: 1. To not install a buffer yard between the commercial portion of the development and the residential portion. 2. To not install the sight-proof vinyl fence adjacent to a tree preservation area on Lot 4.

P&Z defined six conditions along with its recommendation for approval:

  1. All signage must be reviewed under a separate process.
  2. A traffic study has been submitted and is under review by the city’s traffic consultant. The development must abide by the recommendations of the city’s traffic consultant.
  3. The internal setbacks created by the proposed lot lines must meet city code.
  4. The city and the developer must discuss further the extent of improvements and the development’s impact, so that a contribution amount for future traffic signals on Tom Ginnever Avenue and Cool Springs Road is determined prior to final plan approval.
  5. The accessible sidewalk ramp at the corner of Tom Ginnever Avenue and Meadowland Estates Lane must be replaced with a ramp that will accommodate the new sidewalks.
  6. Engineered wall plans will be required.
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