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Francis Howell North senior Emily Hood named student Journalist of the Year

Emily Hood [right] conducting an interview.

In February, Francis Howell North senior Emily Hood was named the 2020 Journalism Education Association [JEA] Student Journalist of the Year for Missouri. Two months later, the FHNtodayTV executive producer was recognized as the 2020 National High School Student Journalist of the Year.

Hood has played a critical role in transforming the broadcast program at FHN into what it is today.

“She penned one of the best-written series to ever come from this room, and she constantly worked to help those around her grow,” Aaron Manfull, FHN director of student media, said. “It’s great watching her work, and it is so nice to see the pats on the back she is getting for a job well done.”

Along with the national recognition, Hood received a $3,000 scholarship for her work and dedication to her school’s journalism program.

Emily Hood

“As great as it is to be recognized with this award, I think it really is a testament to our program and the culture that FHN Publications has created,” said Hood.

She gives credit to her teachers, the FHN administrators, and past editors who have helped her along the way by providing feedback and support.

While Hood was unable to receive the award in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was honored that many of the individuals that supported her, including FHN Principal Dr. Nathan Hostetler, could celebrate her national recognition together on a Zoom call.

“It really meant a lot to have those people with me at that moment and hear something that is really kind of an award for all of us,” expressed Hood.

Since the award ceremony is usually made at the annual conference, the virtual announcement was a chance to share with her friends and family who would not normally have been in attendance. Hood plans on attending the University of Missouri this fall and majoring in – you guessed it – journalism.

Emily Hood celebrates her Journalism of the Year award, prior to the COVID-19 school closure.
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