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Residents seek recall of O’Fallon council member

Dr. James [Jim] Ottomeyer

A “petitioners’ committee” of three residents filed a notarized set of affidavits with the O’Fallon City Clerk’s office on April 23, requesting a recall election for Ward 4 council member Dr. James [Jim] Ottomeyer.

The committee’s point of contact, John Israel, noted: “The city might try to find legal reasons to reject this effort. This is our second attempt.  We satisfied their first rejection and resubmitted.”

Israel further clarified: “The original recall and the second recall petition were both based on the ‘Flavan Tract’ proposal that was approved by the council earlier this year. This new petition was filed before the vote on the Fairways at Turtle Creek vote was taken. However, based on many email conversations with Mr. Ottomeyer, there was no doubt how he would vote. He had said he wanted to be fair to the owner of the golf course and driving range.”

The Fairways at Turtle Creek vote took place on April 23. The proposed high-density housing development had met with disapproval by many in the nearby area in Ward 4.

The remaining members of the petitioners’ committee have asked to be anonymous at this time. However, per Israel, their names are on the affidavits filed April 23.

Israel explained that the next steps are for the City Clerk’s office to officially accept the set of affidavits; then, prepare the official recall petition to be signed by the residents.

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