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O’Fallon is expanding the recycle bin area at the Renaud Center

Serving residents in the south side of the city, O’Fallon currently places two dumpsters/bins at the Renaud Center for cardboard recycling and one dumpster/bin for paper. Only two bins will fit in the concrete pad area originally installed for recycling, so the second bin for cardboard has been placed out in the parking lot.

All three bins have been well-used by local residents and the city empties them several times each week. Prior to pick-up, the bins frequently are crammed full to the top.

To help reduce over-filling and to make bin access safer, O’Fallon is in the process of doubling the concrete pad area to enable placement of at least two more recycling dumpsters/bins without having any out in the parking lot.

O’Fallon Communications Director Tom Drabelle said the work is being done by city staff as they are available.  As of 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 9, the expanded area has been excavated, leveled, prepared with a crushed rock foundation, and half of the new concrete pad has been poured.  The other half will be poured in the near future, weather and staff time permitting.

O’Fallon workers prepare the site of a future recycling bin at the Renaud Center on April 9. [John Tremmel photo]
Renaud Center recylce expansion as of April 13 [John Tremmel photo]
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