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Easter Bunny stops by early at Sts. J&A Care Service

The Easter Bunny left some special baskets at Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service just in time for Easter Sunday.

On April 9, the Care Service distributed dozens of Easter baskets to food-insecure children thanks to Alleluia Baskets and St. Charles County resident Pam Bauer. The basket distribution is a 20-year tradition at the Care Service.

[Source: Sts. J&A Care Service]

“Families have enough to worry about right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even without the current crisis, many of our families have to choose between feeding their family or paying a bill. The extra expense of an Easter basket is simply not in the budget,” said Pam Struckhoff, executive director at Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service. “We are truly appreciative and happy to partner with Alleluia baskets and Pam Bauer to provide these young children with an Easter basket to find on Easter Sunday.

Sts. Joaquin and Ann Care Service is using a drive-through service to ensure the safety of its clients. [Source: Sts. J&A Care Service]

The food pantry adopted drive-through service in March to allow pantry staff to load prepackaged bags of food directly into the trunk of each car. The process creates effective social distancing and is the safest and most efficient way to provide client families with needed nutrition.

The pantry is open twice a week. Families in need of assistance can call the Care Service (636) 441-1302. Donations of food and cash are always welcome and can be made by visiting https://donorbox.org/jacares-donation.

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