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Local grocers usher in more policies to help protect customers from COVID-19

As of April 9, customers will not be allowed to use resusable bags at Schnucks stores in an effort to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The local grocery store called the ban a precautionary measure although it acknowledged that there are no known cases of the virus being spread through the use of reusable bags.

Dierbergs asked customers in late March to begin leaving their reusable bags at home. Additionally, Dierbergs has suspended plastic bag recycling until the COVID-19 pandemic is contained.

Schnucks also is asking its customers to wear masks when shopping in its stores.

“For the safety of our community and teammates, Schnucks is encouraging customers to wear a face covering for their nose and mouth while shopping in our stores,” the grocer said in an update posted to the company website.

Both companies are limiting customers to one person per household, with reasonable exceptions when necessary.

Dierbergs customers are being asked to wash their hands before entering and leaving the store at sinks provided near its entrance and exit. Additionally, signs have been placed as visual cues throughout stores to serve as reminders to social distance — keeping a distance of 6 feet between individuals, according to a company statement.

Both stores previously have had and continue to have disinfectant wipes available at store entrances and exits.

Some services at both grocers have been limited or suspended at this time, including lottery sales and redemption of tickets in excess of $300.

Schnucks posted online April 2: “In an effort to limit cash handling by teammates, and to further promote social distancing by reducing the formation of lines at the courtesy center, Schnucks is temporarily suspending the sale of lottery tickets at our courtesy centers and will also no longer cash winning lottery tickets that are in excess of $300.

“Customers wishing to purchase lottery tickets may continue to use the self-service vending machines. Customers who wish to cash winning lottery tickets for amounts greater than $300 should check with their state’s lottery for redemption options.”

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