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O’Fallon approves Lombardo Homes land annexation, rezoning

An annexation map for the Amberleigh subdivision [Source: City of O’Fallon]

Previously in February, the city of O’Fallon received an application for voluntary annexation of home builder Lombardo Homes’ proposed 116.618-acre subdivision named Amberleigh.

The land is generally located at 1370 Diehr Road and currently is part of unincorporated St. Charles County. City staff had recommended approval of the annexation.

Lombardo Homes also had requested rezoning of the annexed land from R-1 [Single Family Residential] to R-3 [Gardens Apartments and Condos]. The O’Fallon Planning and Zoning Commission [P&Z] had recommended denial of this request.

At the O’Fallon City Council meeting held on March 26, Bill No. 7176 granting the voluntary annexation was passed by a vote of 7-2. The bill was sponsored by council members Dale Kling and Nathan Bibb, both of Ward 3. Council members Debbie Cook [Ward 5] and Dave Hinman [Ward 1] voted against the legislation, and council member Rose Mack [Ward 2] was excused from the meeting.

Bill No. 7178, which authorized the rezoning request and was also sponsored by Kling and Bibb, passed at the March 26 council meeting by a vote of 8-1, with Cook voting “no” and Mack still marked as excused.

Per the P&Z report, R-1 zoning has a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet, and R-3 zoning has a minimum of 7,500 square feet. Lombardo Homes had proposed 175 single-family lots for this property, using the smaller lot sizes for the single-family homes.

For the first reading of the rezoning bill that was done at the March 12 council meeting, 171 residents in subdivisions and homes located near the proposed Amberleigh development had signed petitions in opposition to the rezoning, citing concerns about the risk of property values declining due to
smaller lots and the concern that smaller homes would not fit in with the character and size of surrounding homes and subdivisions.

In the ward reports portion of the March 26 meeting, Cook expressed her concern about voting on this type of bill without the public present. Cook also spoke against the rezoning, while council member Tom “Duke” Herweck [Ward 2], Bibb and Kling spoke favorably.

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