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Looking for heroes

This edition of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine feels strange, almost foreign, as if about a different place. As we were putting it together, COVID-19 ravaged the region, the state, the world. The news changed rapidly and dramatically. For example, during the week in which we were producing the paper, the legal number of people who could gather socially changed from 1,000 to 250 to 50 to 10 – in just one week. 

The time it takes to print Mid Rivers Newsmagazine and deliver it to your home is at best five or six days. That’s an eternity in the time of coronavirus. We will work to keep our website [midriversnewsmagazine.com] updated with hyper-local developments on the pandemic, but it would be unfair of us to publish information about a public health crisis that could prove outdated by the time you received it. 

• • •

Our way forward was to soldier on, continue to report and publish the news that was previously planned – plus work in significant developments on COVID-19 that we could responsibly put in print. 

We have stories about the accomplishments of a local prep athlete and the recent actions of city government. Our hope is that “normal” news provides a bit of respite for our suddenly weary souls.

We even have our annual salute to the St. Louis Cardinals. The thoughtful, weathered face of Yadier Molina on the cover is a graphic version of comfort food. Take heart, Cardinals Nation, baseball will return. We don’t know when we will be able to cheer on the Redbirds in person, but we know that when baseball returns, we will cheer them harder than ever before.

• • •

In the coming weeks our coverage will change, and we need your help. Our goal is now, as it has always been – to be great at sharing local news. To that end, we are searching for the heroes of this unprecedented time. 

We’re looking for individuals or organizations responding to this crisis in remarkable ways. When we find them, we promise to work tirelessly to give them the credit they deserve. All you need to do is email your “hero stories” to editor@newsmagazinenetwork.com.

Be aware that heroes might look different today than they ever have in the past. A hero might be the neighbor who shops for an elderly couple. A hero might be the teacher who figures out how to communicate with his or her students from a distance and shares that expertise with others. A hero might be the company who prioritizes employee health and safety. 

Heroes definitely are the doctors, nurses, orderlies, paramedics and public health officials who are the first responders working tirelessly to keep us up-to-date and informed. 

Tell us about your heroes. We all need to hear their stories right now.

• • •

We have another favor to ask. 

The economic impact of this pandemic is nearly as frightening as the sickness itself. It has cost all of us money, so this favor we ask now is a big one: Be generous. Buy something from a local business, buy a gift card from your neighborhood restaurant, write a check to your preferred charity or your place of worship. Be as generous as you can be.

Be equally generous with your thoughts and your voice. Make a phone call to a friend who lives alone. Write an email to that family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. Check on one another. Being socially distanced does not mean we have to be distant. 

Be kind to one another, that’s what a hero looks like today.

Looking for heroes
We’re looking for individuals or organizations responding
to this crisis in remarkable ways. When we find them, we
promise to work tirelessly to give them the credit they deserve.
Email your “hero stories” to editor@newsmagazinenetwork.com.

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