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Best in braille challenge

[Source: Francis Howell School District]

Five students from the Francis Howell School District who are blind or visually impaired recently put their skills to the test and earned some impressive awards at the Missouri Regional Braille Challenge hosted by the Missouri School for the Blind.

Olivia Wright, a fifth-grader at Warren Elementary, earned first place in the competition, while Claire Wright, an junior at Francis Howell Central, took home the third-place prize in her category. Luke McKeon, a fifth-grader at Warren Elementary and Salome Cummins, a third-grader at Warren, both earned second-place finishes. Tyler Groves, a seventh-grader at Saeger Middle, received an honorable mention.

“I am so proud of them,” Ann Cummins, a visual impairment resource teacher for the district, said. “They did great work, and they all seemed really happy and excited.”

Any blind or visually impaired student from first grade through high school who can read and write braille can participate in the Braille Challenge. Contestants are divided into five categories and tested on fundamental braille skills such as reading comprehension, spelling, speed and accuracy, proofreading, and charts and graphs. Contests are judged based on national guidelines.

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