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Wheeler Wellness

Heather Wheeler Owner/Licensed Acupuncturist

Wheeler Acupuncture and Functional Wellness specializes in providing individuals of all ages assistance in treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and even PMS and fertility concerns through holistic acupuncture.

The center is led by Heather Wheeler, a licensed acupuncturist and certified functional medicine practitioner who has over 14 years of experience. Heather is a St. Charles County resident who is specifically certified with the NCCAOM [National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine]. This designation makes Wheeler Acupuncture and Functional Wellness one of only a small handful of advanced qualified acupuncturists in St. Charles and the entire St. Louis metropolitan area.

“A lot of people walk through our doors and don’t know about acupuncture,” Heather said. “They might have tried a lot of other things. We like to say that we’re your last resort with the best results.”

The goal is not to mask pain, but to treat it at the source with scientifically studied and proven acupuncture therapy. By stimulating small nerves, a signal is sent to the brain where pain relieving neurotransmitters are released and the need for pain medication is reduced or eliminated.

“They meet with me individually to go over their medical history, and from there, we determine what is going to work best for them specifically,” Heather said. Heather also offers complimentary consultations.

3904 Old Hwy. 94, Ste. 200 • St. Charles

(636) 244-0686


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