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There’s a camp for that!

Whether your tiny dancer is into hip hop, ballet, jazz or tap, or your equestrian is into dressage or show jumping – there’s a camp for them. 

For some kids, the best camps are the ones that get very specific – offering the opportunity for children to immerse themselves in the activities they love and to make friends who share their passions. 

Sharing common interests is one of the essential building blocks of developing strong friendships. And a successful camp experience can provide one of the most lasting and vibrant memories of childhood. Put those two things together and you have the recipe for an experience your child will fondly recall even after they have children of their own.

School provides the opportunity to make local friends, but camp can give your child a chance to meet people from all across the region and perhaps even from different states or countries.

Does your child speak soccer or dance or horse? Pick the right camp and your child maybe become fluent not only in their favorite subject but also in a few new phrases reflecting the cultures of new friends made at camp.

Of course camp is fun, but part of that fun, especially for goal-oriented kids, is having the chance to challenge themselves. Trying new sports or learning new skills like how to execute complicated plays, can help raise your young athlete’s self esteem. So can learning how to guide a horse through a series of maneuvers or perform a complicated dance routine.

Camp also can help your child develop important life skills like independence, self-reliance and confidence. And, because many of the campers could be strangers, camp is also a great way to learn about cooperation, compromise and tolerance. 

When selecting the camp that’s right for your child, talk about exactly what the child wants to gain from the experience. 

Some kids will be quick to say, “I want to learn the latest dance moves” or “I want to learn how to be a great goalie.” Others might answer, “I just want to have fun.”

While there is no right or wrong answer, talking with your child about their expectations will help to ensure that you make the right selection – both for your child and your wallet. 

A child who has spent just a few summers playing recreational soccer probably doesn’t need the level of coaching that comes from professional athlete-run camps. But for a child who wants to take his or her sport to the next level, an investment in a camp like that can be a wise investment. 

Perhaps your child wants to branch out and try something new. Summer camp stands ready to fill that request, too. 

A child who for years has trained in ballet might decide to spend a week of summer delving into hip hop or cheer. A musician might decide to try his or her hand at art. A soccer player might decide to give football a try. Who knows where one week of summer might lead?

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