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Christian High celebrates annual Winterfest


Students at Christian High show off their class colors at Winterfest. [CHS photo]

Christian High hosted its annual Winterfest on Feb. 7. Winterfest is an entire day devoted to class unity and school spirit by having different classes and grades compete in various competitions. The event is sponsored by the Student Government Organization.

On the afternoon of the event, each grade had the opportunity to compete in several games with the hope of becoming the winner. Both the middle and high schools had individual champions. The winners received a spirit stick, ice cream sundaes and a pajama day. The entire school was encouraged to participate in some way, including faculty and staff. The faculty and staff supervised the games and scored events.

Students dressed in their class’s color and decorated their section of the bleachers. In addition to games, each class decorated their homeroom door and classes were given and additional rewards based on their decorating skills.

“While the event is not without stress due to the many factors involved, it is one of the most treasured and celebrated days of the year,” Stephanie O’Keefe, English teacher and Student Government Organization advisor, said. “Students absolutely love it and plan for it weeks in advance. The Student Government Organization, the group in charge of the event, helps to organize the event, monitor student signups, help set up the games, and even emcee the event.”

The winners this year included the junior class and eighth grade class. 

“Even though we didn’t win, Winterfest still brought our grade together,” Donovan Lloyd, a senior, said. “A week before the event, we couldn’t agree on anything; however, the day of the event, we were one big family.”

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