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Duchesne receives chemistry lab makeover


The new chemistry lab provides additional safety precautions and allows students more opportunities to work in groups. [Duchesne High photo]

Students and chemistry teachers alike are enjoying the newly renovated lab at Duchesne High. 

The school received a Beyond Sunday grant from the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri which funded an update of the chemistry lab and an adjacent classroom at Duchesne for better collaborative learning and improved safety measures. 

Fritz Long, principal at Duchesne, said the improvements bring the labs up to code. “It makes sure everything is safe for the kids today,” Long said.

The remodel of the lab makes better use of the space and gives students rounded stations closer to the sinks. This helps students complete their tasks quicker. The classroom also has new furniture that encourages students to work together in groups.

“I’m a big believer in cooperative learning and group work,” Kris Witzel, chemistry teacher, said. “This setup is naturally conducive to my style of teaching.”

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