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New age of athletic testing to be offered locally

The Standardized Athlete Test, or SAT, is a new evolutionary way for athletes to train and compare themselves to other athletes around the country. It is a combination of athletic performance evaluations comprised of the 40-yard dash, the 5-10-5 L drill, broad jump and vertical jump, plus body measurements of reach, wing span, hand size, height and weight. The power pushup is also measured on a force plate. 

Because the test is fully automated and monitored by lasers, it is virtually impossible not to achieve 100% accuracy in the testing, every time. 

Colorado-based Zybek Sports, which originated the SAT, has been involved in electronically timing the NFL Combine’s 40-yard dash for nine years. However, the idea of bringing that level of testing to high school athletes originated just a couple of years ago. Zybek’s founder and CEO Mike Weinstein said the SAT can help high school athletes improve their athleticism by using data at a local level and working with trainers “and make themselves more marketable to college scouts.” Additionally, Weinstein said the SAT is affordable for most athletes.

According to its developers, the SAT can give high school athletes an unbiased evaluation of their skill level. It also compiles their statistics into a Zybek database consisting over 100,000 athletes nationwide. 

Joe Bacon, varsity football head coach for Fort Zumwalt North stressed the importance of athletic testing for athletes who have post secondary aspirations.

“We have always encouraged our players to get their information out there in front of as many college coaches as possible, and attending a testing session like this would be a good way to do that,” Bacon said when asked about the validity of the SAT. “I would definitely push any of our players who would benefit from getting timed by an impartial party to do so.” 

Although the testing is based off of the NFL Combine, athletes in all sports are welcome.

The SAT will be offered at D1 STL West, 14015 Manchester Road, at 9 a.m. on Feb. 22. The cost is $75 per athlete.

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