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Letter to the Editor: Super Bowl entertainment

On Feb. 2, all of us Americans were enjoying Super Bowl LIV with friends and family. It’s a great time for everyone to get together, unwind and enjoy the skill and hard word of our teams. I am always touched by the warm singing of the National Anthem – it’s very inspirational indeed. 

At halftime, while all were captivated watching the “cool and hip” dance numbers, I was frankly quite shocked! Really, what has our notion of “art” and “entertainment” come to? Is it really indispensable to wear such revealing outfits and choreograph such provocative dance moves to entertain us Americans? All the performers were so talented that they did not need to reveal their bodies so much in order to make their performance captivating. 

We certainly need to evolve our notion of good entertainment. Why do we have to rely on vulgarity or obscenity for entertainment? We have a glorious history and culture to share. We have a variety of art, music and literature. And we have a wealth of creative minds in this country. Let us all live up to the glory and grace of America. 

As conscientious parents, we are always looking out for the healthiest meals served for our family in the dining room. Shouldn’t we be looking out for what is served to our family by the television in our living room as well? That indeed affects the health of our minds and thoughts. 

I call upon the grandmothers, mothers and daughters of our country – the next time we see women dancing in such revealing outfits, let’s protest. We must be the guardians of our own dignity. The future of our youth lies in what we do today. So let us wake up and shape the mindset of both the entertainers and the audience for the better of our nation. 

Dyuti Khrod

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