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Filing ends, candidates revealed for municipal general election in April 2020

As the seasons begin to shift from winter to spring, municipalities are preparing for their own set of changes as the St. Charles County general municipal election approaches. In 2020, voting will take place on April 7.

Candidates began filing for city elective offices on Dec. 17, 2019. The process came to a recent close on Jan. 21, 2020.

Some of the names on the April ballot might look familiar to residents. This is because multiple incumbents are rerunning for their respective council seats in every municipality. However, some ward seats are contested, with some having more competition than others.

In O’Fallon, incumbent Dave Himan [Ward 1] has refiled his candidacy for another three-year term on the city’s Board of Aldermen. Other candidates who filed for the Ward 1 seat include Arnie C. AC Dienoff, Mike Garman, Mike Schnieder and Chris Horvath. There will be a noticeable change in Ward 2, as long-running alderman Rose Mack has not refiled for candidacy. Mack initially announced that she would not seek reelection at the O’Fallon City Council meeting on Dec. 12, 2019. Instead, April will mark Mack’s will completion of her 10th year as an advocate for Ward 2. Instead, Lisa Thompson is the sole candidate for the open seat. In Ward 3, incumbent Nathan Bibb has also filed for reelection for the three-year term on the board. He runs uncontested. In Ward 4, incumbent Jeff Kuehn has refiled for candidacy for a three-year term. James Donald Quinn has also filed candidacy for the seat. In Ward 5, incumbent Mike Pheney has also refiled his candidacy for a three-year term. Other candidates for the seat are Wendy Prakop and Katie Gatewood.

In Cottleville, incumbents Marie Mannino [Ward 1] and Don Buchheit [Ward 2] have refiled their candidacy for two-year terms.

In Dardenne Prairie, incumbents Dave Wandling [Ward 1], Justin Ungerboeck [Ward 2] and Dan Koch [Ward 3] have refiled.

In Weldon Spring, incumbents Andy Clutter [Ward 1], Don Schwaab [Ward 2] and Phil Martiszus [Ward 3] have refiled their candidacy for a two-year term.

In St. Peters, Mayor Len Pagano has refiled his candidacy to serve as mayor for another four-year term.

In Ward 1, incumbent John “Rocky” Reitmeyer has refiled for another four-year term on the Board of Aldermen. In Ward 2, there is a contested race for an open seat between Dr. Gregg Steven Sartorius and Kafisha Rahman. In Ward 3, incumbent Melissa Renee Reimer refiled for candidacy. Incumbent Patrick A. Barclay has also filed for reelection in Ward 4.

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