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A new farm to table dining experience

Tompkins by The Rack House® is a new dining experience by the owners and managers of The Rack House Kitchen Wine Whiskey®. Tompkins opened in July 2019 as a from scratch kitchen utilizing local farms for most of its meat and produce. Executive Chef Philip day, along with Chef de Cuisine Matt Hulme, create a seasonal menu that is updated around every six weeks.

“We partner with local farms in order to provide the freshest produce available. This brings out the flavors of each part of the dish,” Executive Chef Philip Day said.

Sommelier Josh French pairs each dish with boutique wines, which also compliment the flavors in the food.

“Many of the vineyards we buy from, like us, are smaller operations that really take pride in the quality of their wine,” Josh said.

Tompkins by The Rack House® is located at 500 South Main Street in Historic Saint Charles in the legendary Mother-in-Law House. If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, Tompkins by The Rack House® provides details like house-made sourdough bread, sauces and dressings that are made in house. Even the ketchup and butter are made from scratch in Philip’s kitchen. Enjoy the regular menu, or the Chef’s Weekend Features in the main dining room, or on the patio with a view of the river. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends for dinner.

If you’re looking for an amazing event space, Tompkins by The Rack House® won’t disappoint. The historic basement, which features exposed stone and hand-cut pillars from 150 years ago, can seat up to 100 guests for rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, or other events. Take a stroll over to Tompkins by The Rack House® and see the difference firsthand.

500 S. Main Street • St. Charles

(636) 493-6332


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