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Laser Hair Removal Comes to O’Fallon

[Sponsored by Milan Laser Hair Removal] – If you’ve ever nicked yourself with your razor or had to endure a painful waxing appointment—just to have the hair grow back a few days or weeks later—then you’ll be thrilled to know that the nation’s leading laser hair removal company has opened its doors in O’Fallon! 

Our local Milan Laser Hair Removal is located in Frontier Plaza at 2003 Highway K and their expert staff is ready to help you say goodbye to unwanted hair forever.

So what makes Milan Laser different than other places that you may have heard about? Three simple things: Expertise, Results & Affordability.  

Technology & Expertise

They are the industry’s leading experts because laser hair removal is all they do! Unlike most places that offer laser hair removal services in St. Louis, Milan Laser exclusively focuses on helping clients get the smooth, hair-free skin that they want. 

The best time to get beach-ready is now.

This focus on laser hair removal as well as the technology they use allows Milan to safely and effectively treat all skin tones. Their laser—the GentleMax Pro—utilizes two laser technologies, one that’s geared toward fair skin and one that’s geared toward darker skin, which allows Milan to create customized treatment plans to fit the exact needs of each client’s skin tone and hair type.

Additionally, the laser Milan uses also offers the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments because it has a built-in cooling mist. This technology releases a cooling mist immediately after each pulse of the laser during a treatment to relieve any potential discomfort you might feel. It’s often described as feeling like the sting of a rubber band snap that fades away instantly.

Lifelong Results 

While most places that offer laser hair removal services sell packages of 6 or 9 sessions, Milan includes their exclusive Unlimited Package™ with every purchase to guarantee their clients’ results for life. 

Each laser hair removal treatment will provide you with permanent results when done properly. That’s because during the treatment, a laser pulse is delivered directly to the hair follicle which destroys it so that it can never—ever—grow again. 

“While most of our clients are 95%+ hair free in 7 to 10 treatments, we know that new hair follicles can become active for a variety of reasons such as pregnancy, menopause, age, or genetics, and new hair can grow,” says Dr. Kristin Saxena, chief medical officer at Milan. 

At other places, this new hair growth would mean that you’d need to buy additional treatment packages or at the very least pay touch-up or office visit fees to get this new hair removed. But not at Milan! With them, your results are guaranteed for life because you get unlimited treatments for life at no additional cost.


The lifetime cost of your waxing and shaving routine is pretty astronomical. The fact is that these outdated hair removal methods will be a drain on your time as well as your wallet for the rest of your life. You’ll only ever get temporary results and you will have to keep spending more money and more time to maintain your results. A monthly leg waxing appointment alone can cost more than $15,000 in a lifetime!

When you compare that to the cost of laser hair removal, it’s easy to see that you’ll save money—not to mention time—with the permanent results that you can get with laser hair removal. Plus, Milan makes it even more affordable with their laser hair removal specials as well as their no-interest laser hair removal payment plans with payments that can be as low as $29 a month.

These are just a few of the reasons why we are excited that Milan Laser Hair Removal has come to our area! 

You can get all of your laser hair removal questions answered by the experts at Milan by calling 833-No-Razor or going in for a free consultation. You can visit with a local laser hair removal expert in O’Fallon or at any of Milan’s St. Louis laser hair removal locations.

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