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Walnut Grill: Down home style with a touch of gourmet

There’s something for everyone on Walnut Grill’s loaded , chef-driven menu.

Walnut Grill has a luxury few restaurants enjoy. Independence. It’s a benefit that’s reaped by customers who savor the restaurant’s chef-driven menus, each one catered to the desires of the local community. 

“That’s one of the great things about being locally owned. You’re able to be involved with the menu and item selection,” Owner Eric Vogel said. “You can change on a dime – so we can update the menu whenever we want. We’re able to test new items and customize the menu for each location. For example, in O’Fallon, we have more steak options.”  

Customized tweaks, combined with its core menu, have made Walnut Grill one of the fastest growing brands in the greater St. Louis area. Vogel and his brother Kurt established their upscale, casual dining concept in Pittsburgh over 20 years ago. 

After leaving Pittsburgh, Vogel’s culinary career took him to New Orleans, where he meet his wife, a St. Louis native. Soon after, Vogel, now a St. Charles County resident, relocated to St. Louis – a fortunate move for foodies and the St. Louis food scene. He opened his first Walnut Grill in Ellisville in 2014. Within two years, he opened an O’Fallon location, followed by a Sunset Hills restaurant in October 2017. His fourth location will open in Chesterfield Valley in April.  

Walnut Grill’s growth is a testament to its dedication to quality, creativity and service along with a menu that, Vogel boasts, has something for everyone for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If  you’re hungry for seafood; chicken; a 28-day, wet-aged, prime sirloin; or a plate of street tacos, Walnut Grill has it. 

Maybe you’re craving bodacious burgers or have a yen for pasta. They have that, too. From salads and handhelds to full plate entrées and decadent desserts, you’ll find it all on the Walnut Grill menu. As an added bonus, its Happier Hour and Adult Dining Enhancers feature a dizzying array of drink and appetizer specials. 

“We have specials every day; however, when it comes to customer favorites, our Chicken Spiedini – breaded and char-broiled with lemon, garlic and herb infused olive oil – is our overall best seller.” 

Seafood lovers should try the  Swordfish Spiedini, a delectable combination of marinated and seasoned swordfish rolled in breadcrumbs and grilled. Served with a lemon-garlic Sicilian Amogio Sauce. 

“Bowls [also] have gotten huge,” Vogel said. “One of our most popular is the Korean BBQ Salmon Bowl.” 

The Korean BBQ Salmon Bowl begins, as most Walnut Grill’s bowls do, with a rice and grain blend. Next, comes a combination layer that delivers a flavor bomb, which elicits a “Wow!” response. 

“It’s an amazing dish,” Chef Ronnie Jones said. “Spiced, orange marinated grilled salmon with fresh mango salsa layered on a bed of wild rice and quinoa, sliced egg, pickled Asian slaw, watermelon radish, with scallions, cilantro, cranberries and candied almonds.”

Because Vogel found a lot of people order breakfast for lunch, breakfast is served until 3 p.m. daily. 

He noted that two of the top morning plates are the Meat Frittata and the California Eggs Benedict. A carnivore’s wake up plate, the Meat Frittata is covered with Italian sausage, candied bacon, ham and cheddar cheese. For the California Eggs Benedict, a poached free-range egg is balanced over a stack of spinach, tomato, candied bacon, avocado and hollandaise. It’s a sophisticated take on the classic, which by the way, is also a menu option.  

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night, Walnut Grill delivers down home style with a touch of gourmet – just the way you like it. 

Walnut Grill
4401 Hwy. K • O’Fallon • (636) 685-0212 • www.eatwalnut.com
Hours: 10 a.m.-midnight, Monday-Friday; 8 a.m.-midnight, Saturday and Sunday 
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