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During heavy rainfall on Jan. 10, an occupant of a vehicle that had accidentally plunged into a creek with rising waters was pulled to safety by an O’Fallon police officer and O’Fallon firefighters.

The rescue happened at about 9 p.m., when the vehicle, unable to make the turn on Mexico Road near Bryan Road, plunged into the creek. Because of the heavy rainfall in the area, the water level was rising quickly and moving swiftly.

O’Fallon Police received the call, and the first officer to arrive found that the driver had made it out of the vehicle; however, the driver’s father was still trapped inside the vehicle. The officer entered the water and successfully kept the man’s head lifted above the water until the O’Fallon Fire Protection District arrived. Two firefighters quickly entered the rising waters and assisted the officer.

The first responders were able to remove the victim and get him to the creek bank, where he was met by paramedics from St. Charles County Ambulance District. He was later transported to a local hospital, with only minor injuries.

Shortly after the victim was pulled safely to the bank of the creek, the vehicle was overtaken by the rising water.

The O’Fallon police officer, Jordan Wilmes, is a two-year veteran of the O’Fallon Police Department and an Army Cavalry Scout veteran.

“This is living proof that heroes are amongst us,” Police Chief Tim Clothier said of the combined rescue effort. “Thanks to the brave officer and the firefighters placing other life above their own and ignoring the extreme dangers of the situation, an innocent life was saved. I applaud the firefighters and our very own Officer Wilmes for their heroism.”

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