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Dames property approved for annexation, rezoning

Property owners Joseph and Paula Dames had applied for voluntary annexation of 2.819 acres of land contiguous to the city of O’Fallon and generally located at 566 Hwy. P, a public road located within city limits.

A single-family home currently exists on the property.

Bill No. 7145 approves the voluntary annexation petition. Bill No. 7146 rezones the annexed land from Unincorporated to R-3/Garden Apartments and Condos District. The applicant will demolish the existing home and then construct two six-unit multi-family buildings and parking lot. The site is serviced by central utilities. Adjacent land to the south and east currently is undeveloped. Adjacent land to the north contains the Estates at Dames Park, and land to the west contains Shane Estates.

Planning & Zoning had recommended approval of these bills.

At the Dec. 12 City Council meeting, Bills No. 7145 and 7146 sponsored by Ward 5 council members Mike Pheney and Rose Mack were given a second reading. The council voted 10-0 to approve each bill.

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