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O’Fallon seeks to annex 15 parcels of adjacent land

Bill No. 7160 sponsored by O’Fallon Mayor Jim Hennessy proposes annexing of 15 land parcels of varying sizes which are contiguous and adjacent to the current city boundaries.

The bill was given a first reading at the Dec. 12 City Council meeting. If the typical process is followed, the bill will receive a second reading and a vote on passage at the Jan. 9 council meeting.

If the bill is approved by the council prior to the Jan. 28 certification deadline, the annexations will be placed on the ballot for the municipal election April 7, 2020.

The parcels include (see map):

  1. 105.95 acres located off of Hwy. 79.
  2. 41.39 acres located off of Pearl Drive
  3. 0.4400 acres located at 1391 West Terra Lane
  4. 21.32 acres located off Veteran’s Memorial Parkway
  5. 0.12 acres located off Hwy. K
  6. 2.00 acres located off Plackemeier Drive
  7. 5.77 acres located at 1112 Bryan Road
  8. 2.39 acres located at 1601 Belleau Creek Road
  9. 2.29 acres located off Laura Hill Road
  10. 3.601 acres located at 1200 South Outer Road
  11. 7.3500 acres located at 6530 Hwy. N
  12. 1.27 acres located off Hwy. K
  13. 6.661 acres located at 2150 Technology Drive
  14. 5.9447 acres located at 3435 Hwy. K
  15. 30.4acres located off Hwy. K
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