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O’Fallon Council to vote on Streets of Caledonia request

Bill No. 7157 sponsored by Ward 3 O’Fallon City Council members Dale Kling and Nathan Bibb was given a public hearing and first reading at the Dec. 12 City Council meeting. The bill proposes approval of phase 1 of residential housing in the Streets of Caledonia development off Hwy. DD, near I-64 and Winghaven Blvd. The property is zoned R3-PUD. If the typical process is followed, the second reading and vote on passage will be at the council meeting on Jan. 9.

The higher level area plan for Streets of Caledonia was approved by the council last March 14. The individual phase plans, such as this one, will address the details.

Phase 1 residential development would cover 66.77 acres, composed of 11.02 acres for right of way [streets], 16.25 acres of common ground and 37.94 acres for 164 residential lots. Those 164 lots would include 141 traditional single family homes plus 23 “neo-traditional” homes. The agenda packet for the Dec. 12 council meeting includes detailed layouts of the streets and lots.

Streets of Caledonia development has generated objections from nearby residents and property owners along Hwy. DD.

At the Planning & Zoning meeting [P&Z] on Dec. 5, public comments in opposition to this development included concerns about a significant increase in stormwater flowing into the O’Day Creek watershed, a significant loss of trees and damage to wildlife habitat.

One of the speakers at P&Z, Kim Ryba, said she had filed a lawsuit regarding some of those issues.

Per Missouri Courts Case.net, eight residents filed a lawsuit in St. Charles County Circuit Court against the city of O’Fallon, addressing the O’Day Creek watershed and other related matters. The residents all live near the proposed Streets of Caledonia development and near the existing O’Day Park. Ryba is one of the plaintiffs. She is claiming destruction of her livelihood and property, Stonebridge Stables on Hwy. DD. The lawsuit was filed Nov. 25 and is listed in Case.net under case #1911-CC01159. Per Case.net, a summons was issued to the city with a due date of Jan. 1.

During the public hearing at the Dec. 12 council meeting, six speakers spoke in favor and eight spoke against the bill. Those in favor described several years of benefits to local businesses who would build the project’s various phases, more jobs and job security for existing construction jobs, revenue from the sale of building supplies, and increased tax revenue for the city. Opponents described the same objections as were voiced in the Dec. 5 P&Z meeting.

Representatives from the developer described specific, detailed storm water runoff mitigation plans they have created by working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the past two years. Phase 1 residential development plans include creation of 4 new storm water retention areas and new dams on 4 large stormwater tributaries to prevent runoff. They said further that when all phases of development are created, there will be 11 stormwater mitigation basins overall, with the intention of leaving net zero runoff to O’Day Creek. Finally, they said the Corps of Engineers and city staff are to monitor stormwater mitigation through all phases of development.

Together, four bills to approve road projects and a development agreement to support the construction of the planned new Streets of Caledonia community in south O’Fallon, near the intersection of I-64 and County Route DD are being considered by the O’Fallon council.

City staff has recommended the approval of all four bills.

Bill No. 7150 approves O’Fallon entering into a cost-share agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for use of MODOT Cost Share Program funds to fund the Route DD project. The project provides for improvements to Route DD from Technology Drive to approximately 1,400 feet south of Caledonia Boulevard. Improvements will include sidewalks/paths, additional straight and turn lanes at various intersections, and a roundabout at the future intersection of Route DD and Dalriada Drive. The total project cost will be $3,836,312; the state will provide $959,078 or about 25% of the total cost.

Bill No. 7152 approves O’Fallon entering into an agreement with St. Charles County for use of St. Charles County Transportation Sales Tax funds to fund the Hwy. DD Road Improvement Project. This is the same project described in Bill No. 7150 for a total cost of $3,836,312. This bill will provide $1,918,156 from the St. Charles County Road Board.

Bill No. 7153 would approve O’Fallon entering into an agreement with St. Charles County for use of St. Charles County Transportation Sales Tax funds to fund construction of a new roadway named Caledonia Parkway. This project provides design and construction services to construct the new road from approximately Route DD to the I-64 Outer Road. Caledonia Parkway will be an arterial road consisting of up to five lanes that will function as an outer road connecting Route N and Route DD – taking some local traffic volume off the 40/64 highway system, improving health and public safety and creating better connectivity between cities. The total project cost will be $4,534,607 and will be partially funded by St. Charles County, based on an 80/20 split. The St. Charles County Road Board will provide $3,627,686 to help fund the project through Transportation Sales Tax funds.

Bill No. 7154 would authorize and direct the execution of a Development Agreement between the city of O’Fallon and DD Land Development, LLC. City staff had worked with representatives of Payne Family Homes for over a year and a half on plans for a large, mixed-use development located at Route DD and I-64, to be named Streets of Caledonia. The development will have 159 acres of single-family homes and townhouses supported by 100 acres of site-prepared commercial property.

This development agreement is intended to trigger significant and vital infrastructure investments funded by the developer, leveraging more than $6.4 million in capital improvements funded mostly from MODOT and the St. Charles County Road Board.

At the Dec. 12 council meeting, Bills 7150 and 7152 sponsored by Ward 3 council members Dale Kling and Nathan Bibb were given a second reading. Both were approved by a vote of 9-1, with council member Rose Mack voting no.

Bills 7150 and 7152 also sponsored by Kling and Bibb had been tabled at the Nov. 14 council meeting, were given a first reading at this meeting; second reading and vote for passage is likely to be at the Jan. 9 council meeting.

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