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Romaine lettuce again connected to illnesses

Following another large E. coli outbreak, consumers have been warned not to consume romaine lettuce from a northern California growing region.

After multiple illnesses connected to an E. coli outbreak, the CDC is once again telling consumers not to eat any romaine lettuce grown in a certain area of the U.S. 

In an advisory issued nearly a year after an almost identical warning in 2018, the CDC advised in late November that “consumers not eat and retailers not sell any romaine lettuce harvested from the Salinas, California, growing region.”

The outbreak has not yet included cases in Missouri, although several retailers in the state did receive salad products included in an earlier recall.

The CDC’s advisory is intended for all types of lettuce products, including whole heads of romaine, hearts of romaine, packages of pre-cut lettuce, and salad mixes that contain romaine, including baby romaine, spring mix and Caesar salad.

Most romaine lettuce products are now labeled with a harvest location showing where they were grown. Consumers who have purchased romaine lettuce should check the packaging to see if “Salinas” is listed on the label – and if so, the CDC has advised throwing away the products and not eating them.

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