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Students give thanks for families

Families and friends alike attended the “Thankful for Families” event at John Weldon Elementary. [FHSD photo]

John Weldon Elementary hosted a Thanksgiving luncheon called “Thankful for Families” to bring the school community together. Families were invited to join their students in the lunchroom and share a traditional Thanksgiving meal. 

“It’s great for our kids to be able to invite families, grandparents and everyone in,” said Lauren Lickenbrock, a fourth-grade teacher and organizer of the event. “But I think it’s also great for our kids who don’t have families or don’t get to do Thanksgiving so much. 

“When they come in to eat, if they don’t have a family, other families just gravitate toward them and pull them in, and they feel like they’re at their own little Thanksgiving meal. I think for those kids it just makes it extra special that they know they have this John Weldon family.”

In the cafeteria, fourth and fifth graders helped carry trays, took drink orders and cleaned tables. 

“It’s just an awesome event to be able to bring our families and the community together and to really continue building that relationship with all our families,” Principal Bryan Howse said. “It helps you understand your students in a whole different way when you really get to connect with their parents and grandparents.”

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