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Code updates for firearms, bows and crossbows tabled in Dardenne Prairie

At a Dec. 4 meeting, Dardenne Prairie’s Board of Aldermen gave Bill No. 19-48 a first reading.  The bill would update the code for use of firearms, bows, and crossbows within city limits, including on private property. Municipal code sections 201.250 and 210.300 would be deleted in their entirety and new provisions would be enacted covering the discharge of firearms and projectile weapons, regulating target shooting, and hunting of deer and turkey with a bow or crossbow.
As worded in the current version of the bill, bow and crossbow provisions for hunting would include:

  • All shooting or hunting or target shooting of a bow or crossbow must be from an elevated position of at least 10 feet in height and facing the interior of the property, in such a way that any arrow or bolt will not land closer than 25 feet from any property line. Specifying the elevated position is an addition enacted for safety at the recent suggestion of a resident bow and crossbow hunter.
  • A hunting license is required for any hunting.
  • A bow or crossbow cannot be discharged from or across any publicly owned property, street, sidewalk, or playground.
  • No bow or crossbow may be discharged from a moving motor vehicle or all-terrain vehicle.
  • No bow or crossbow may be possessed or used while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Field dressing a deer cannot be done in a public or any conspicuous location.

Other provisions in the current version would prohibit:

  • Carrying concealed knives, firearms, blackjacks, or any other weapon capable of lethal use into any area where firearms are restricted by Missouri law.
  • Carrying such weapons while intoxicated.
  • Discharging or shooting a firearm or projectile weapon within city limits unless acting in self-defense or unless otherwise permitted under state or local statutes for hunting or practice.
  • Discharging a firearm with 100 yards of any occupied schoolhouse, courthouse or church.
  • Discharging a firearm at a mark, object, or at random on or along a public highway or into any outbuilding.
  • Carrying a firearm or weapon capable of lethal use into a church or place where people have assembled for worship, or any election precinct on election day, or any governmental building, or school, or school bus.

Mayor David Zucker and several aldermen pointed out portions of the bill’s wording that required more refinement and discussion. By acclamation, the bill was tabled until a future Board of Aldermen meeting in order to allow additional review time.

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